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Want to help farmed animals? Looking to add some plant-based meals to your diet? Interested in going fully vegan? These links explore the whys and hows of vegan living. Please be aware that some of the videos may contain graphic content.

Suggested Documentaries:

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014) – Explores the various environmental impacts of animal agriculture

Earthlings (2005) – Behind-the-scenes look at common animal practices presented in five chapters (Pets, Food, Clothing, Entertainment and Scientific Research). Free streaming is available from their website. *Viewer discretion advised*

Forks Over Knives (2011) – Tests the idea of using a whole food plant-based diet as medicine to combat conditions such as heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

The Game Changers (2019) – Examines plant-based nutrition in regard to athletics. Available for streaming on Netflix.

Speciesism (2013) –

Unity (2015) – Sequel to Earthlings. Examines the interconnectedness of life in five chapters (Cosmic, Mind, Body, Heart and Soul)

What the Health (2017) – Explores the impacts of animal foods on health and why leading health organizations continue to promote the industry

Suggested YouTube Videos:

Dominion (2018) – “Dominion uses drones, hidden and handheld cameras to expose the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture, questioning the morality and validity of humankind’s dominion over the animal kingdom. While mainly focusing on animals used for food, it also explores other ways animals are exploited and abused by humans, including clothing, entertainment and research.” *Viewer discretion advised*

This Speech Is Your Wake Up Call – “I want to talk to you about what we are doing to this planet, ourselves, and our fellow Earthlings. I want to ask you some questions that might make you feel defensive but will also make you question things you’ve always considered to be normal. I want to ask you to listen to this speech and hear a new perspective. Perhaps it will change your life, perhaps it won’t, but I believe you deserve to know the truth. I know I’m very grateful to have learned it and now I want to share it with you. I think you’ll be grateful, too.”

A Case For Animal Rights – Dr. Tom Regan’s classic 1989 speech before the Royal Institute of Great Britain. A passionate and reasoned defense of the rights of all conscious beings.

Becoming Vegan – Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, The Compassionate Cook, recounts her own experience of becoming desensitized to the suffering of animals only to be reawakened as an adult.

Meet Farm Animals – Take a guided tour of Farm Sanctuary in Acton, CA and meet some of the rescued animals who live there.

Farm to Fridge – An eye-opening look behind the closed doors of modern farms, hatcheries, and slaughter plants. *Viewer discretion advised*

Suggested Reading:

Suggested Cookbooks:

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