Fast Food

All of these restaurant chains have some vegan options on the menu. If you’re in a hurry and need a quick bite, one of these chains is probably nearby.

Carl’s Jr.
The new Beyond Famous Star Burger is now available at all Carl’s Jr. locations! To make vegan, request no cheese and no mayonnaise. Consider substituting with BBQ sauce. Please note, these burgers are cooked on the same conveyor grills as meat.

This is a go-to chain. Order a vegetarian burrito or bowl (no cheese or sour creme) packed with your choice of beans, rice, guacamole, fajita vegetables, lettuce, corn, and your choice of salsas. Or try their Sofritas option: shredded organic tofu braised with chipotle chilis, roasted poblanos, and a blend of aromatic spices.

Del Taco
Now offering Beyond Meat nationwide! Some of the vegan options include the Beyond Avocado Taco, Epic Beyond Cali Burrito (without sour cream), Beyond 8 Layer Burrito (without sour cream & cheese), and the 8 Layer Veggie Burrito (without sour cream & cheese). If you’re looking for cheap, try ordering the Jacked Up Value Bean Rice and Cheese Burrito (without cheese), the CrunchTada Tostada (without cheese), or the 1/2 lb Bean & Cheese Burrito (without cheese). French fries are vegan and can be added in burritos. Their breakfast Hashbrown Sticks are also vegan.

Need some late-night eats? Grab a booth at Denny’s and enjoy some hash browns or diced skillet potatoes with veggies, oatmeal, grits, and fresh fruit. They also offer a Beyond Burger on a multigrain bun made vegan without cheese.

This Central Valley institution will satisfy your pizza cravings in a pinch. Order a cheese-free pizza on original or thick crust and packed with your favorite vegetable toppings. Visit the Fowler & Ashlan location specifically for vegan cheese and special vegan pizzas including the Vegan Valley Veggie, Combination (with Beyond Meat), and Vegan Tuscan Harvest.

Papa Murphy’s
Enjoy their thin crust Veggie deLITE or a delicious Gourmet Vegetarian pizza. Just ask for red sauce on your pie, no cheese, and no “herb & cheese blend” topping. Top it at home with some Miyokos, Follow Your Heart, Violife, or Daiya vegan cheese.

Panda Express
This Chinese fast food chain now has vegan versions of their Eggplant Tofu and Chow Mein at all locations where these standard menu items are sold. Please be aware though that Panda Express does not claim any items to be vegan due to potential cross contamination.

Build-your-own pizza chain from California. You can pile up as many veggies as you want with daiya cheese. Some locations also have vegan meats for an extra cost. Only the gluten free crust is vegan, as the whole wheat contains honey and regular may contain whey.

Subway chains from Fresno to Visalia are lucky to be the testers of the new Beyond Meatball Sandwich. The meatballs and marinara sauce are vegan, but the cheese is not. You can also order a “Veggie Delight” sandwich without cheese, and customize it with all your favorite veggies including shredded lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, cucumbers, spinach, olives, pickles, and jalapeños. For sauces, you can add mustard, sweet onion sauce, fat-free Italian dressing, vinaigrette, buffalo sauce, oil, and vinegar. Your vegan bread options are hearty Italian, Italian, sourdough bread, or the wrap.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell is a good option for road trips and late night eats. Vegan ordering is made easy by getting “fresco style” which substitutes any dairy with pico de gallo and you can also substitute beans for meat. Try ordering a “fresco” bean burrito and add rice, potatoes, or guacamole for a heartier meal. Another customized option worth trying is the Crunchwrap (fresco style), sub beans for meat, and add potatoes. The Nacho Fries are also vegan, just substitute the cheese for guacamole or try them as an add-on in a burrito or crunchwrap.

Page last updated January 2020