Pop-Ups & Cottage Food


Golden Poppy Creperie (V)
Catering, Pop-Up
Phone: (559) 513-3318
Description: Offer sweet and savory vegan crepes. Menu is seasonal and everything is made with whole food plant-based ingredients. Does catering and popup events. You can regularly find them Saturday mornings at Vineyard Farmer’s Market. Visit their Facebook or Instagram for more.

Gonzalez Taqueria (NEW)
Catering, Food Truck, Pop-Up
Phone: (559) 696-7914
Description: Vegan-friendly food truck offering authentic Mexican cuisine. Offers tacos, burritos, quesadillas, tortas, and bowls with your choice of meat and cheese (vegan cheese available).  Vegan options include vegan pastor, vegan asada, and vegan chicken. Now also offering vegan birria quesatacos.

Good Boy Boba
Deliveries, Pop-Up
Email: goodboyboba559@gmail.com
Description: Pop-up specializing in boba tea (pressed juices, loose leaf teas, and cane sugar). Entire menu can be made vegan and most are already vegan. Just be sure to request no condensed milk in the Pumpkin Spice Milk Tea, Thai Milk Tea, and Black/Green Milk Tea to make vegan.

Goodie Gains (V)
Deliveries, Pop-Up
Email: goodiegains@gmail.com
Description: Nutritional vegan Goodies designed to help prevent diet related illnesses and diseases. Each Goodie contains a “Gain,” similar to what you’d find in a fortune cookie, to assist on one’s health and fitness journey. Goodies include Protein Cookies, Banana Bread, Coconut Keto Cookies. They also have special lactation cookies known as “Momma Moo’s” which contain ingredients traditionally used to support breast milk supply, although you don’t have to be lactating to enjoy them. Please visit their Instagram for more.

Happy Bunz (V)
Catering, Deliveries, Pop-Up
Email: happybunz2019@gmail.com
Description: Local pop-up specializing in vegan yeast donuts and Mexican food. Gluten free donuts are available by request. Also offer catering and free donut deliveries to Fresno and Clovis. Visit Instagram for menu and more information.

Hella Vegan Sandwiches (V) (coming soon)
Food Truck

La Jacka Mobile
Catering, Food Truck, Pop-Up
(559) 293-2628
Description: Food truck with a seperate vegan menu that is always growing. Offers chile verde and al pastor jackfruit tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, agua fresca smoothies, and more. Can often find them at Clovis Community, Gazebo Gardens, Goldstein’s, and at Art Hop. Check their Instagram or Facebook for updates on their location.

Mateando (V)
Catering, Pop-Up
Email: mateandomatebar@gmail.com
Description: Local pop-up that sells freshly brewed organic Yerba Mate (popular South American tea). All drinks are vegan friendly.

Mylk Crumb (V) (NEW)
Deliveries, Pop-Up
Email: mylkcrumb@gmail.com
Description: Vegan bakery providing a variety of fresh plant mylks, breads, cookies, and other desserts. Orders can be placed via website or DM on Instagram. Currently offering free local delivery in Fresno and Clovis!

Ohana Pantry
Email: ohanapantry@gmail.com
Description: Offer acai bowls, smoothies, and some toasted sandwiches, including a vegan avocado grilled cheese. Most items can easily be made vegan with a few simple adjustments. Downtown location is now closed, but you can still find Ohana Pantry regularly at River Park Farmer’s Market and other pop-up events. Visit their Instagram and Facebook for schedule and updates.

Ooh De Lolli (NEW)
Catering, Deliveries, Pop-Up
Phone: (559) 246-4841
Description: Ooh De Lolli offers dairy-free vegan Ice Pops through a *free* weekly delivery service. Menu is posted every Sunday for deliveries on Thursdays.  Their weekly flavors are packaged in single flavors of five ($15) and can change monthly, but the all time favorites (peanut butter chocolate, toasted coconut, creamy lime, chocolate cold brew coffee) are always available.  They also offer fruit based flavors based on seasonal availability. Orders are placed via DM on Facebook or Instagram with payment through Venmo.

Plant Slayer (V)
Food Truck, Pop-Up
Phone: (559) 472-0792
Description: Food truck formerly known as “Vegan in Fresno” that specializes in vegan comfort food. Often serves food at Tower District Records. Offers a 10% discount for official Vegan Fresno membership card holders. Check Instagram for schedule and updates.

Planet Vegan Burgers (V)
Food Truck, Pop-Up
Phone: (559) 712-1747
Description: 100% plant-based food truck with an In-N-Out style minimalistic menu. Burgers are made using an Impossible patty on freshly baked and grilled brioche bread with Follow Your Heart cheese, grilled red onion, tomato, house pickles, green leaf lettuce, and your choice of dressing (hundred thousand island, jalapeno aioli, whole grain mustard aioli, or ranch). Also offer crisscut fries, fried burro bananas, and boxed Just Water and lemonade. Visit their Instagram for more schedule and details.

Rappit Up (V)
Catering, Deliveries, Grab n Go, Meal Preps, Pop-Up
Description: Local vegan business that offers catering and variety of grab-and-go items such as wraps, pastas, sandwiches, salads, vegan desserts and more.  Offers Meal Prep services through a weekly emailed menu. Occasionally does pop-ups. Brick-and-mortar location coming soon.

Rubia’s Churros (NEW)
Description: Offers vegan-friendly handcrafted Spanish-style churros. Try the classic vegan churros or a vegan smothered churro. Vegan flavors include fruity crisp, cookies & cream, PB&J, and more.

Sol to Soul (V) (NEW)
Email: soltosoul20@gmail.com
Phone: (559) 512-5229
Vegan cottage food business with plans for a future food truck or restaurant. Offers a variety of tasty seasonal dishes. Orders are placed Sunday-Wednesday for pickup or delivery on Fridays.

Twisted Masala (NEW)
Food Truck, Meal Preps, Pop-Up
Email: twistedmasala@gmail.com
Phone: (559) 372-9898
Vegan-friendly food truck offering fusion cuisine and meal preps. More information on vegan options coming soon.

Page last updated: August 2020